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The main benefits of using water infrared ceiling panels Teplopanel

The main benefits of using water infrared ceiling panels TEPLOPANEL are as follows:

  • Significant energy savings (40% and more depending on the height of the building) as compared with the conventional systems.
  • No overheating of the air in the upper part of the room, no drafts or dust movement,  hence a healthy climate and comfortable feeling of people being in it.
  • Fast heating up of the room (instant heating). The system has a quick response unlike any convection systems.
  • No special equipment for heating (blowing) the interior glass of the insulating glass unit to prevent condensation.
  • Comfortable and uniform heat distribution, differentiated heating up of local zones (if necessary).
  • High level of fire safety as opposed to electric and gas infrared heaters which are higher temperature radiators.
  • Usable space savings.
  • Special decorated versions, additional lighting and noise reduction functions, connection to the hole panel for a standard ventilation system and others available.
  • Adaptability to alternative sources of energy generation (heat pumps, etc.).
  • Where a cold source is available the system can be operated not only for heating, but also for cooling.


In addition to energy savings, the benefits of water ceiling-mounted radiant heating include:

  • No active movement of air or dust, which contributes to more comfortable conditions for people to stay.
  • Heating equipment is located in the upper part of the room without taking up its work area.
  • Very fast and simple installation of the system.
  • Radiant heating panels are absolutely maintenance-free (no filters, fans, bearings, electrical connections).
  • Creating a comfortable environment for visitors and staff with no aerodynamic or mechanical noise.
  • Suitable to set up an area heating, which is important both for additional energy savings, and local heating implementation.
  • The heaters are fitted well into the interior of the premises with a large variety of design solutions.
  • The manufacturer guarantees at least 5 years of operation; in total, the operating life is unlimited.



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