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Why Customers Have Chosen water infrared ceiling panels

Some Key Factors Why Customers Have Chosen Heating System TEPLOPANEL:


Factor 1. Using this heat distribution system you can reduce air temperature by 2-4 °C (according to SniP Building codes and regulations) in the room within the location of people. In this case, the human sensible temperature shall remain according to the required standard conditions.

Factor 2. The radiant heating radically eliminates stagnant warm air in the upper zone of the room, and there is no intense stratification of heat (overheating of air by every 1 meter of height), which reduces heat losses of the building, thus reducing both energy costs and  the required installed capacity of a heat source.

Factor 3. Unlike the conventional heat distribution system such as radiators, convectors and others, this heating system does not cause any drafts and dust movement within the room, thus maintaining sanitary and hygienic conditions of a human habitation at a high level. Cleaning requires lower costs and gets more simple.

Factor 4. If you have a supply and exhaust ventilation system, there is another significant part of the savings by eliminating the need to overheat supply air by a few degrees (see Factor 1). This additionally makes it possible to save precious energy resources. Often, in case of a fairly intensive air exchange, the specific savings on such "underheating" of supply air can be comparable to or even exceed the absolute values of the savings on heat loss compensation.

Factor 5. Special form factors and designs are available: for wet areas, for passing through fire extinguishing systems and lighter hangers, different color range.

Factor 6. Noise-free.

Factor 7. No separate space as the system is relatively "unnoticeable" when installed under the ceiling.

Factor 8. When used for heating you can eliminate convectors for blowing large shop windows and large translucent structures. The system warms the interior glass of the insulating glass unit to prevent condensation.

Factor 9. When used for heating in the cold season, you can use the same equipment in summer as passive chilled beams for the cooling system, if you have a cold source (chiller). Cold pickup can be assumed as approximately 20-23% of the design heating power.

Factor 10. The system can be used as an independent cooling system for premises.


!This equipment can significantly reduce operating costs for any energy resources used when heating and warming premises!


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