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Water Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels TEPLOPANEL

Water Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels TEPLOPANEL


The water radiant heating system enables to reduce operating costs for energy resources thanks to the principle of heat transfer from that of the convection system (radiators, registers, air-heating units). Heat rays emitted by radiant heating panels do not heat the air, but transfer the heat to the surfaces (floors, walls, etc.). Indoor air is heated secondarily from heated surfaces. The overheated air is not accumulated in the ceiling space that is a classic problem of convection heating when the heating goes on where heat is not needed.

Using water radiant heating ceiling panels can save about 35-50% of the energy resources consumed for the heating system operation.


Appearance of a water radiant heating/cooling ceiling panel


The operation of water radiant heaters is based on the principle of thermal infrared radiation. Infrared waves without heating the air are converted into the heat when contacting the surface of people and objects. The so heated objects re-radiate heat, and give it to the air by means of convection. Pre-heated water, a classic option for the heating system, is used in radiant panels as heating medium.


Main benefits 

Why Customers Have Chosen Heating System TEPLOPANEL 



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